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  2. East Mc Keesport
  3. Clemson
  4. Sulphur Springs
  5. Rome

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Aztlan's residents vanish, leaving the city in Pyadonea to ruin.


A rogue Dwemer artificer collaborates with Daedra to craft a sleek, feminine stealth-combat construct.


The warforged Vladimir is constructed in Cyrodiil.

344 Frostfall 13

Akara (1K1RA) and Tazamé (TAZAM9) Ember, children of the Daedric Prince Meridia and the Chromatic Dragon Tiamat, are born in a village in Atmora under the sign of the Tower.


Akara destroys her village and flees to the skies in guilt.

715 Second Seed 06

Angelica Moonglade discovers the city of Balmoral hidden in the Druadach Mountains.


Lorac Brenner, a Breton, is born in High Rock. He is a charismatic prodigy, adept at magic.


The restoration of the Temple of the Divines in Solitude is completed following the Siege of Solitude. The priests imbue a gargoyle with life and charge it with protecting the city, forbidding it from killing.


Lorac is beaten to near-death and forced to watch as his family is brutally murdered by worshippers of Mehrunes Dagon.


Lorac endures several years of degradation and bullying at the hands of fellow students at a boarding school for mages before fleeing after discovering the staff performing a ritual for Molag Bal.


Cornelius Civette born to a noble house in Cyrodiil.

176 Sun's Dawn 09

Shiera Moonglade born in Atmora under the sign of the Lover and betrothed to Tolca Liondale.


Akara saves the life of the firstborn daughter of High King Istlod of Skyrim and is made a Thane of Haafingar. The guardian gargoyle of Solitude enters a state of hibernation after discerning Akara's capacity to protect the city.


The Moonglades decline a marriage offer between Shiera and Tari by the Wintermoons. The Wintermoons begin assembling an army and planning revenge for the slight. The Nightwing family provides logistical support to the Wintermoons.


The High King of Solitude uses the Aldmeri Dominion's influence over the Empire as cover to initiate a war of conquest.

The Moonglade kingdom is razed by an army of orcs and goblins under the command of Caligula Wintermoon and Akara Ember.

Thaddecus and Altin Moonglade are killed during the battle for their capital.

Fate Moonglade is gravely wounded, and Shiera escapes with Oriwynn to North Point in High Rock with the aid of agents of the Nightwing family.


Arthur Moonglade seeks aid from Falkreath clan Karlsen, a group of shy, scholarly poets with an extensive contact network, to save Fate's life.


Shiera and Oriwynn settle in Sungard in Skyrim for a few years and establish a druidhome nearby.


Tolca Liondale is tipped off by a Nightwing agent of Shiera's possible survival and presence in Tamriel, making the journey from Atmora to seek her.


The death of High King Torygg and dragon crisis marks a pause in Solitude's conquest efforts. (The events of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim take place during this period.)


Cornelius Civette, having gained renown for his skill in battle, is named High King of Skyrim by the moot. He promptly dissolves the moot, instating succession by lineage, and resumes Solitude's war of conquest in earnest.


The Wintermoon kingdom falls to Solitude's forces and the majority of Atmora is united under the Haafingar banner as a protectorate. The Liondales leverage their skills at diplomacy to maintain independence as a free state.


After the Karlsen clan provides minor but meaningful assistance to Valerica Volkihar, she provides her ghouls as protection to them.


Ardnot Civette born.


Akara fights Tazamé, now a dracolich, at Whiterun.

231 Second Seed 13

Thesa Leafwalker born in Eshnium under the sign of the Shadow.


Solitude's war ends when the High King is slain. Ardnot Civette assumes the throne and institutes a number of social changes intended to placate the holds while maintaining power.

239 Frostfall 05

Thesa is rescued from a vampire's ghoul by Katja Meadowgleam, a young scout-in-training.


Akara slays the dragonborn.


Oriwynn is slain while in Rorikstead's market; Shiera returns Oriwynn's body to their druidhome near Sungard and buries her in the heart of the magic grove.

271 Sun's Dawn 04

Stolovold born to Jonathan and Isabel Ünveldt in a hidden tower keep near Fort Amol under the sign of the Lover.

276 Rain's Hand 28

Firaliin born near Ivarstead under the sign of the Mage.

277 Rain's Hand 25

Prince Theobold Civette, fourth son of High King of Solitude born; he is quiet and studious and wholly uninterested in romance.

284 Second Seed

The Sisters of Mara of Ivarstead take in Firaliin and give her the last name Carson.

A plague ravages Falkreath hold.

284 Sun's Dusk 05

Firaliin and Lora investigate a cave below Ivarstead and encounter a displacer beast kitten in a Falmer village.

285 Morning Star 03

Lady Jenna Free-Winter is born, first daughter of the Jarl of Winhelm; she is carefree and wild-hearted but kind, with snow-white hair, pale skin, and sapphire blue eyes–she deeply admires Prince Theobold.

286 Morning Star 21

Lorac Brenner, appearing to have an aura of blessing by the Eight Divines, attains the superposition of bishop in the Temple of the Divines in Solitude.

286 Sun's Dawn 03

The Temple of the Divines in Solitude merges the sanitarium and orphanage.

286 Midyear 21

Temple tokens are introduced as currency with a converesion rate of 20 platinum per token. They are primarily used for transactions with the Temple and due to their high value never gain traction in common trade.

287 Frostfall 16

Sarah Lind is born into a family of the High King of Skyrim's servants and is raised to be a handmaid to Theobold.


Firaliin transforms into a bear cub at the onset of puberty and is expelled from the Temple of Mara in Ivarstead.


Firaliin is employed by the Thieves' Guild chapter in Ivarstead to a spy in the form of a squirrel.

Thesa begins training to join Eshnium's militia as a scout.

292 Evening Star 21

Theobold Civette and Jenna Free-Winter are betrothed by their parents during the Winter Solstice festival as a political alliance.


Firaliin is employed by hunters near Ivarstead in the form of a rabbit to flush out deer.

298 Second Seed 22

During one of Jenna Free-Winter's formal visits to Solitude, Sarah Lind falls in love with her.


Firaliin arrives in Riften, spending time as a crow and absconding with trinkets.

300 Sun's Height 21

Jenna Free-Winter begins participating in Windhelm's arena fights in disguise.

300 Hearthfire 17

On one of Theobold Civette's formal visits to Windhelm, Sarah recognises Jenna as arena combatant and blackmails her into spending the night together, initiating a relationship that is reciprocated by Jenna.

301 Hearthfire 18

A massive invasion of Daedra is initiated across Tamriel.

301 Sun's Dusk 27

The Mages College at Winterhold is sealed off within an impenetrable reflective sphere after several months of Daedra attacks. Mages begin to be seen as cowards by the populace.

301 Second Seed 21

Thesa, Firaliin, and Shiera meet in Riften in the morning. On the way to deal with a goblin raiding party, they meet Stolovold, slay a thri-kreen group and a goblin scouting party. In the afternoon, they meet Vlad in an abandoned alchemist's residence and slay a boar before returning to town.

301 Second Seed 23

Thesa hires a civilian named Niles Sadler in Riften to aid the group in their assault of the goblin cave.

301 Second Seed 25

The party eradicates the goblins plaguing the area and slays a group of grells.

301 Second Seed 27

The party receives rewards from Kamile Black-Briar, the Jarl of Riften, and sights a gold dragon flying to the north.

301 Second Seed 28

The party discovers a door to the Feywild in Riften's Ratway, meets a bard who joins the party, and culls the main chapter of the Thieves' Guild.

301 Second Seed 31

Near Shor's Stone, the party destroys dwarven constructs harrassing the village, and the bard continues on their own journey. The party discovers a Dwemer ruin housing an aetherium forge and transforms the site into a shrine to Azura.

301 Midyear 12

The party passes through Kynesgrove prior to an agricultural festival.

301 Midyear 15

The party slays a number of zombies on the road near Kynesgrove, then finds a dracolich embedded in a cave wall and their minion, which they defeat.

301 Midyear 21

The party slays the inhabitants of Narzulbur and ransacks what remains of the dracolich's hoard in the mine.

301 Midyear 24

Firaliin and Shiera slay an adolescent harpy.

301 Midyear 29

The party encounters a wandering trader south of Windhelm.

301 Sun's Height 02

The party trades with a Khajiit caravan outside Windhelm and receives an omen from a ghost.

301 Sun's Height 03

The party visits several shops in Windhelm, does business with a gnome museum curator named Knaz, and learns of a series of Dunmer murders. Thesa spends time in the Grey Quarter.

301 Sun's Height 05

The party hires a vampire-helmed ship to Hsaarik Head.

301 Sun's Height 20

The party slays a kraken-spawn and a swarm of ghosts.

301 Sun's Height 21

The party members activate protective amulets on arriving at the village of Hsaarik Head, then learn of the absent deity Zarastra and the curse affecting the village.

301 Sun's Height 22

In the morning, the party leaves to find the missing children and a cure for the curse. In the afternoon, they encounter a strange monolith deep in a mountain pass.

301 Sun's Height 23

The party slays a group of horkers and a frost wyrm, then encounters a temporal portal showing Shiera's past. They meet a longship sent by the Hsaarik Head village to serve as transport.

301 Sun's Height 31

The longship enounters two village survivors drifting in the Sea of Ghosts.

301 Last Seed 02

The party slays two oni and the three hags causing the curse in a cave on the Broken Cape and rescues the village's children.

301 Last Seed 03

The children and survivors are returned to the village. The party rests and restocks.

301 Last Seed 20

The party encounters a rowdy group of merfolk traders on the Sea of Ghosts and learns more about Zarastra.

301 Last Seed 26

A devastating storm engulfs the longship near Skytemple Island.

301 Last Seed 27

The party finds Zarastra, slays a pair of rocs, is rewarded for their service and given the cure for the curse and a dragon egg. The party discovers and loots a derelict pirate ship in Zarastra's caverns.

301 Hearthfire 01

The village at Hsaarik Head is restored, and given the dragon egg bearing the offspring of Zarastra.

301 Hearthfire 01

Jenna Free-Winter begins an official visit to Solitude.

301 Hearthfire 08

The party arrives in Winterhold and visits shops there. A mysterious djinn begins selling unique abilities to the party members. Shiera has orisidian armour magically forged from orichalcum and obsidian.

301 Hearthfire 09

The party learns that Dunmer are being experimented on by necromancers at the College of Winterhold, and that a corruption that will devastate the world in the future has its source at a point in time somewhere around the present day, give or take two years.

301 Hearthfire 10

The party finds Niros among the bodies of a group of Vigilants of Stendarr and a vampire envoy carrying the ashes of Thaddecus. The party slays a giant.

301 Hearthfire 11

The party, after being caught in a snowstorm, slays some goats and discovers the Dwemer airship Starstreak in a hidden hangar.

301 Hearthfire 12

The Starstreak is moored at the docks in Dawnstar.

301 Hearthfire 13

The Starstreak's weapons are tested, the party encounters an unusual merchant, then takes on some bounties. They slay a pair of fornicating giants, a group of zombies, and clear part of the Windward Ruins, killing a competing adventuring party and retrieving an amulet and part of a mural. They return to Dawnstar and are tasked by the Jarl with summoning the Vigilants of Stendarr to reconsecrate the crypt. Shenanigans occur in the Quicksilver Bar.

301 Hearthfire 14

At midnight, Shiera meets her Dark Brotherhood contact, a solemn young girl with black hair.

A short while later, Akara Ember attacks and destroys a swarm of emperor gulls, then bonds with the Starstreak.

In the morning, Niros is assigned as the Vigilant of Stendarr envoy to Dawnstar, the gnome Knaz is appointed as science officer for the airship, and Vlad is installed as the autopilot.

Around midday, the party encounters and destroys a flock of magma grells near the Kjenstag Ruins.

301 Hearthfire 15

Around noon, the Starstreak arrives at Solitude and is met by the royal guard captain. Shiera give a number of charged soul gems to Knaz. In the early afternoon, Firaliin meets the arcane smith to fix the flute she found, and is charged with finding a Daedra heart as payment. She notices the book sought by Knaz among the blacksmith's possessions. Akara discovers her brother's phylactory being used as ship's core and goes to retrieve his bones, first journeying to Blackreach via a hidden portal and filling a sublime soul gem with 350 Falmer souls. Thesa donates Wabbajack & Volundrung to the museum. In the midafternoon, Shiera slays her uncle (who is going by the name Lord Ebeneezer McPigeon) as he meditates in Blue Palace garden. In the evening, Akara replaces the dracolich phylactory with the sublime soul gem. She and Shiera meet with the High King. Messengers are sent to Fate & Tolca, Akara destroys the phylactory, the party are made Royal Inquisitors, and a safe door is installed in the ship. Late in the night, Shiera investigates McPigeon's residence and finds letters and a daedric dagger. She is branded by Rolf the Mad.

301 Hearthfire 16

The Redguard-origin Riglametha festivities are at their peak in Solitude. In the early morning, Sarah kills Theobold to keep Jenna to herself. Jenna confesses to the recent murders and refuses to recant, though nobody believes her guilt. At the break of dawn, Shiera meets with the Dark Brotherhood contact near the Kjenstag Ruins and declines their terms in exchange for Cicero's journal. Later in the morning, Shiera meets with the Bishop in Solitude, presenting the daedric dagger for destruction and her father's ashes for blessing. Firaliin is assigned as the party's healer for the festival by the High King. At midday, Lady Jenna Free-Winter is arrested and escorted to Castle Dour. In the late afternoon, a noble without shoes mysteriously freezes in the streets of Solitude. In the evening, Shiera finds a bag of temple tokens on her bed with a note 'payment for services rendered' and the Dark Brotherhood sigil.

301 Hearthfire 17

Shiera visits the arcane blacksmith's assistant to construct a Dwemer laser crossbow, the party encounters and destroys an eldritch ghost of a footless girl that steals shoes and freezes people, the ship's safe is enchanted, Akara gains elemental powers, Firaliin and Stolovold separately buy spell components; Stolovold is robbed and the shop he visited is destroyed, Shiera visits the temple again and acquires the second Thieves' Guild vault key while Thesa inquires around town about information relating to the bishop, and a large auction is held in the afternoon.

301 Hearthfire 18

In the morning, Shiera petitions the High King to establish new buildings for sanitarium and orphanage. The Temple and bishop are investigated by the party, Akara consults the High King regarding the situation, and the bishop's connection to the Dark Brotherhood and Daedric Princes Boethiah, Molag Bal, and Mehrunes Dagon are discovered around midday. After Akara breaks the summoning circle containing the succubus being used as an intermediary between the Daedra and Lorac, Stolovold kills her and turns her into a zombie, sending her to confront the bishop. The succubus attempts to rip out Lorac's heart, discovers it missing, and becomes a mouthpiece for the Daedric Princes who have decided he is no longer needed for their plans. Oblivion portals open around the city, and Akara petitions Akatosh for aid. A temporal abberation engulfs the area, allowing the party to defeat an initial goup of the Daedra. Akatosh pulls the group outside of time to bestow draconic gifts upon each. Akara destroys the city docks. Solitude's reawakened gargoyle joins the party and is given the name Angelina. The invading Daedra, the city's citizens that followed the Princes, and the cathedral itself are erased from existence. After the incident, the High King charges the party with finding and destroying Lorac's phylactory and assessing the safety of the other holds' capitals due to concern that the Princes wouldn't likely work together to strike just one city.

301 Hearthfire 19

In the morning, Shiera visits and questions Jenna Free-Winter, learning that she is taking on the burden of guilt to allow both Shiera freedom to deal with the fallout of her uncle and the bishop's dealings with the Daedra and to protect others from what chaos might result from her identifying her fianceé's killer, and that she provided significant assistance in defeating an invading Daedra the previous night. Firaliin and Shiera commission dresses for the upcoming Equinox Ball. Stolovold investigates local job offers and kills a Daedra near Dragon Bridge after it dispatches three bandits. Firaliin, Shiera, and Thesa eradicate an illegal logging group and a trio of demented orcs, then are joined by Stolovold in the afternoon to locate and a destroy a nest of vampires. Firaliin asks a Dunmer café proprieter to be her date for the ball.

301 Hearthfire 20

Solitude is rebuilt in record time with the full resources of the East Empire Company in play. The Starstreak is moored at the new skydock at the Wayfarers' estate. Olga and Ernest are hired as ship staff. Olga demonstrates her skill at beverage-making.

301 Hearthfire 21

In the morning, the party gets their attire for the ball. In the evening at sundown, they go to the Blue Palace. Akara entertains the attending younger children, one of whom grows especially attached to her. Angelina is surrounded by admiring cityfolk familiar with her historical role. Shiera finds a lost, amnesiac young lady with glowing skin. The High King announces a scavenger hunt as the night's entertainment, locking down the palace. The first two clues found are "Who serves, sleeps" and "Who is most loyal?". Stolovold learns of a skinwalker sorcerer. After investigating the servants' quarters and finding the clue "Who still sleeps", some of the party decide to search the royal family crypts. A mysterious faun girl is encountered there, drawing an unusual reaction from Thesa. Theobold's empty bier is found to hold a scavenger hunt clue–"Who yet walks"–as well as being the trigger to open a magically-hidden door. Firaalin's date is instructed to stay in place to allow the rest of the group entrance, but she is possessed by a treasonous curse. The party traverses a passage leading to the meeting place of cultlike conspirators. A sewer dragon and three cult members are dispatched by the party, and evidence of the conspiracy's machinations is found: a roster of names, manifesto, and various other documents. Thesa finds a dark gem, which binds itself to her flesh, and is later blessed by Auri-El. The party brings the information to the High King, and the Daedra responsible for the magic wards in the crypt appears from the gem after it transfers to Firaliin's date and explodes from the energy of the curse, freeing her of its effects. The party, High King, court mage, and djinn defeat the Daedra, after which Shiera harvests the corpse. Theobold reveals himself to be alive and presents the key to the palace and the brooch known as the Soul of Solitude to Shiera, and explains the situation regarding the conspiracy and concern about Jenna's loyalty. Shiera pleads for Jenna's case, and the Lady is brought from the prison and released. The High King requests the party's consul to determine the fate of Sarah, and the girl is sentenced to work at the new orphanage, never to see Jenna again or leave the cathedral grounds. Jenna is temporarily exiled from Solitude, the party charged with escorting her back to Windhelm after assessing the safety of the hold capitals. Akara obliterates an old adversary with her newfound power.

301 Hearthfire 22

Shiera and Stolovold separately go shopping, then some of the party gathers in the bar. Jenna is given gifts and offered alcohol by a halway-drunk Shiera. Firaliin receives a thank-you note from her date. Thesa and Firaliin spend the day meditating. Shiera acquires sewer-dragon armour for Jenna from the tailor Smee-Twists-Flax.

301 Hearthfire 23

Shiera invisibly wreaks mischief at local bars with Firaliin. Stolovold assembles a cache of platinum ingots. Shiera plants fruits and vegetables in the arboretum and gets spidersilk-and-leather clothing from Smee-Twists-Flax. The group plans a travel itinerary to go to the hermit near Evermore in High Rock who has information about the flowers needed to permanently awaken Angelina via Markarth in the Reach. The ship unmoors and disembarks. Stolovold teleports to Riften and reconnoiters the Thieves' Guild, killing the seven thieves there before returning to the ship. Shiera and Firaliin confront Solovold about information from the bishop's books. Stolovold teleports away to read the books and learns of the bishop's history and phylactory's location in Ivarstead, and Shiera and Firaliin scour the room and rearrange the furniture. Shiera investigates the suit of Dwemer armour. After much convincing, Jenna's servant Anna allows the Lady to combat train with Shiera. Thesa puts a pitcher of laxative-laced water on Stolovold's desk. Jenna handily holds her own versus Shiera after Anna is told to return to her room, revealing her skills. Shiera gives Jenna a brief tour of the ship. Stolovold drinks the laxative-laced water, then teleports to Riften to loot the thieves after he is finished relieving himself, after which he returns to the ship and rearranges his room.

301 Hearthfire 24

At dawn, the party encounters a Daedric scout near Karthwasten and chases it, Firaliin destroying them at Four Skull Lookout.

To the south, the party spies a massive gathering of a legion of Daedra around a reddish-purple pillar of light at Sky Haven Temple. Stolovold begins to investigate, and casts meteor swarm at the Daedra camp while Sierra orders the ship closer to attack. The Daedra's forcefield deflects the brunt of the meteor swarm, but the ship's main weapon, a plasma lance, overcomes the barrier and creates a giant crater.

Shiera uses her reality stone to kill all Daedra in a fifty-mile radius by removing their flesh and leaving their skeletons, inadvertently killing Thesa and Akara.

During their incapacitation, Thesa's soul spends one thousand years in aetherius and Akara three thousand.

Firaliin resurrects Thesa and Akara; each revives bearing a sun symbol tattoo. The psychic backlash of the massive amount of death overwhelms the glowing amnesiac girl who sheds tears of blood while clutching her hands to her chest and sobbing. While Jenna and Firaliin calm her, Shiera stores Akara's skeleton in her vault chamber.

The party gathers the bones of the Daedra and stores them in the ship's vault.

Akara enters the pillar of light, casts astral trench on the daedric military base found there, and returns to Sky Haven Temple.

Shiera investigates inside the temple, finds controls for the portal and has Akara reconfigure them, while Stolovold casts a protective barrier around the temple to stop further use by Daedra.

The ship continues to Markarth and arrives midafternoon. While Akara stays on the ship, the rest of the party is directed to the jarl and informs her of Shiera's divination. The Jarl requests the party investigate and eliminate the invading Daedra after Shiera divines four portal locations, and a squad of guards are assigned to assist.

The group spends the rest of the day into the evening completing the task, encountering and freezing a Daedra at the first portal, a shrine to Molag Bal at the second, a Daedra-worshipper at the third, sixteen infiltrator Daedra on the streets while investigating, and activating Nchuand-Zel's defenses which engage a group of Daedra at the fourth portal after the party slays a giant frostbite spider and several Falmer. The group is invited to a feast the following evening.

301 Hearthfire 25

In the morning, Shiera has a nightmare that she remembered from her childhood involving the negotiations for her betrothal. She relates the dream and its inclusion of a supposed older sister which she doesn't have, and confesses to killing her uncle to Firaliin in lion cub form, who comforts her. Shiera has another dream involving her supposed older sister, and awakens to cast divination to ascertain its meaning.

Stolovold continues gathering personal wealth and gets his shirt enchanted.

Shiera asks Knaz about the mountains she saw in her divination, and then asks the court cartographer about the city. He relates the tale of the utopia-like fairytale city of Balmoral hidden in the Druadach mountains.

During the day, the group plays hide-and-seek aboard the ship.

In the evening, on the way to the feast, Shiera kills a goblin who is attempting to kidnap a child.

The group is detained and Akara is put on trial by the jarls and ambassadors from other nations in Tamriel and banished from settlements until she has regained trust by performing a series of tasks for each.

Angelina returns to Solitude to mull over what she has learned of Akara's crimes.

301 Hearthfire 26

Firaliin decides to examine her property in the Reach.

En route to Firaliin's property, Akara is attacked by goblins and Tinkerbell is overcome by an odd sickness.

Firaliin sells her property in the Reach to the innkeeper of Old Hroldan and the owner of Soljund's Sinkhole.

Stolovold discovers the theft of the ship's gold.

On returning to Markarth, Shiera seeks an alchemist to transmorgrify her tattoo wings into physical angellic/dragon wings and acquires feathers from Akara, making quite an impression on the alchemist (who becomes a worshipper of Akara).

Stolovold is confronted by denizens of the Shadowfell who take back their resources.

Shiera gets treatment for Tinkerbell's odd sickness.

The group decides to seek Balmoral and sets out in the late afternoon.

The party flies up to the forested mountaintops and locates a village. Akara flings Stolovold and Thesa towards it, entangling Thesa in the clutches of a dryad, and after Firaliin and Akara see the faun girl briefly in the forest and Shiera rescues Thesa, the group meets at the village Stonehelm in a hollow in the mountain.

Sir Reginald of the Flame, a paladin, is ordered by the local cleric to aid the party in eradicating the necromancer causing a wasting-and-resurrection curse on the village.

The party learns from the village elder that Olga and Ernest's came from Stonehelm.

Akara and the blacksmith form a bond upon meeting.

Late at night, some of the party meets Greta, Olga's mother, at the tavern. Thesa returns to the ship to rest and assures Olga the party will do their best to dispell the curse, and Shiera leaves a gift for Sir Reginald.

301 Hearthfire 27

In the morning, much amusement is had at Sir Reginald's expense, and the party enters the necromancer's manor after eliminating the guardians of its entrance. They encounter some of its unusual inhabitants, and return a dead girl's toy bear. The party acquires a strange orb and an enchanted sword, and battles a minion of the necromancer and a number of skeletons before locating a safe-room established by a former group of Sir Reginald's order.

301 Hearthfire 28

A barbarian named Leroy Jenkins is found sleeping under a pile of corpses in the safe-room. Sir Reginald's faith is shaken by discovering that his leader was a thrall to the necromancer, and the party dispatches the corrupt cleric, the graveyard keeper, and the necromancer (25750 XP). The curse on the village is lifted, and Olga has a joyful reunion with her parents.

The Nord barbarian Olik, a blacksmith, becomes fond of Akara.

Shiera asks the villagers about Balmoral.

The Miracle Man releases Sir Reginald from his duties in order to 'find himself'.

301 Hearthfire 29

Upon waking in the morning, Shiera practices flying and whittling, then finds a cave with a strange purple glow while gathering twigs and fallen logs in the forest.

Thesa joins her after perusing the ship's maps and they find a Daedric portal rune and two sets of footprints; one leads back to town, which the party investigates after the rune is dispelled.

A disguised Daedra is found and defeated (300 XP) in the mayor's manor, then in another room a Smothering Rug (450 XP) is destroyed after Shiera is trapped by it and released by Tinkerbell.

They return to the cave after establishing the manor's bathroom's safety.

They follow the other pair of footprints and slay a masked individual, promptly forgetting the event when they look away due to the enchantment on the mask.

The cottage has many pelts and bear-related items, leading to the impression that the person was a druid.

Thesa adds to her collection of masks throughout the day, and consumes some of the flesh of the man before burying him, and the group returns to the ship.

In the midafternoon, Shiera encounters some zombies and sees a strange purple effect disturbing the mountain.

The skeleton of the necromancer appears and accosts Sir Reginald, and Thesa returns to the ship and begins charging its main weapon to assault the enemy. Shiera watches from the base of a nearby tree.

The radiant blast destroys the undead (6100 XP) and creates a large crater 1/2 mile by 10 miles where the graveyard was, which punctures an underground spring and fills the basin with holy water.

Sir Reginald begins exhibiting unusual behaviour.

301 Hearthfire 30

In the morning, the group encounters a sky-whale three times the size of the ship. Akara approaches, disturbing it.

Firaliin communicates with the sky-whale and it leads the ship to its family, its sibling knocking the ship out of the sky.

The ship is severely damaged, and Akara seeks vengeance from the whales, learning something disturbing from one of their matrons.

The deer girl shows up again, and Firaliin freezes time and captures her after Thesa, Shiera, and Tinkerbell give chase.

The ship's crew and passengers are shocked to learn of Stolovold's profession when he raises a group of skeletons to help repair the ship.

The deer-girl, Alis Windsong, is interrogated and she agrees to temporarily join the party to find Balmoral.

301 Frostfall 01

Alis plays a lullaby for Firaliin in the middle of the night, causing her to remember her mother singing it when she was very young.

Olga informs group that polka band has left in fear of Stolovold, and Anna expresses displeasure as well.

Sir Reginald secludes himself in his bunk to meditate, and Akara is overcome by illness.

The group discusses Firaliin and Shiera's dreams and Alis plays the lullaby as part of a medly of folk songs from Falkreath and the Rift.

Shiera repairs the railings and refinishes the main deck.

Stolovold researches a spell.

Thesa spies on Firaliin and Alis as they gather flowers and become close.

Shiera hunts for a suitable tree to replace the the main mast and sees a plume of smoke rising from the forest.

Firaliin dumps flower petals on Anna after she and Jenna join the gathering, to Anna's unamusement and the mirth of the others.

Stolovold investigates the plume of smoke Shiera saw in the woods, finding two travellers and the polka band.

Firaliin, Shiera, and Jenna decide to have Anna serve under Olga as an assistant.

The main mast is replaced after Stolovold fabricates the pine tree into a bare pole.

The group finds Anna in the back area of the bar cleaning the oven while wearing a frilly barmaid outfit that reveals much, and Alis playfully swats her backside as they call Jenna in to see the situation, causing a great deal of embarassment to the Lady and her servant.

After dinner, Alis goes to join Firaliin in her tree for the evening and they are briefly joined by Shiera. Stolovold, having glimpsed Alis' thoughts and intentions, casts a curse on the deer-girl to mitigate the effects of her libido for 24 hours.

301 Frostfall 02

In the morning, Stolovold repairs the sails.

Akara harvests tissue samples from everyone on board in a gruesome manner after the group gathers in the mess, resulting in Thesa tasting some of Alis' flesh.

Knaz informs the crew that it will take two to three weeks to repair the ship.

The party and Jenna set off. Shiera and Akara scout ahead and see the travellers from the previous day and Akara confronts them, and they identify as pilgrims named Oman Tapu and Reyna Leodi from an enclave between High Rock and Hammerfell going to Balmoral.

Santa appears and gives the group gifts: Akara gets an intermittently-flickering amulet with an eye and a key, Alis gets a red velvet choker, Firaliin gets a music box that plays her mother's lullaby, Jenna gets an hourglass, Shiera gets a family heirloom she lost as a child, Stolovold gets a talking skull, Thesa gets a scenery orb, Oman gets a ring of strength, and Reyna gets a ring of courage.

The party gets to the cave entance at dusk and sets up camp, at which point Angelina appears, teleporting from Solitude.

301 Frostfall 03

As the party begins to investigate the cave, Reyna discusses her pet fenchilla, George III, with Firaliin, attracting Alis' interest.

Tinkerbell tries to pick Sir Reginald's pocket but drops his mother's amulet down a crack. Stolovold, hearing something fall, investigates and finds three gold coins.

Thesa is deafened by a bat while trying to listen, and Firaliin cuts it out of the air with a thrown dagger.

Reyna relates a signpost to finding Balmoral being 'a glowing pyramid of stone beside dark glass'.

Shiera has the group put out their torches, and sees the tips of the stalagmites and stalagtites, tiny flecks in the wall, and Stolovold's mindstone ring glowing.

Tinkerbell spots bones in the next large chamber, so the party chooses the other path exiting their current location.

Shiera relights the torches, and it is discovered that Sir Reginald is missing, so Akara is sent to find him.

The party encounters a narrow tunnel with a dropoff, which Firaliin scouts in owl form and discovers a 75-foot spider and its web.

The party tries a different route, and Firaliin immediately encounters a giant bat, which she grabs mid-flight with her talons and rips its head off. The party defeats 29 more bats in a swarm (1500 XP).

The party backtracks and crosses a dark underground lake beside which stands a glowing stone pyramid.

Akara and Sir Reginald rejoin the party from a side-tunnel, and the group arrives at the gleaming, pearlescent-spired city of Balmoral deep in a mountain crater whose walls are laced with glowing crystal.

Alis and Firaliin enjoy the green grass and refreshing air together before entering the city proper.

Akara admires crystal stained-glass windows, Stolovold encounters difficulties with his mind stone, and Firaliin meets someone she remembers from her childhood.

Stolovold finds something unusual about the town records and shows the party.

Akara hurls the book in Shiera's direction, who had been looking for clues about her dream-sister by herself.

The unusual lack of apparent passage of time and the city's populace's vague memories is discovered.

Shiera finds a ruined house with a skeleton wearing the same dress as her dream-sister, and a Moonglade family crest amulet reading 'To Angelica, with Luck from Penelope' on the back, and a journal whose last entry is dated 2E715 Second Seed 06.

Shiera calls the party to her, and they decide to eat and rest after Shiera relates information about her great-great-grandmother's sister, her theory about the temporal issues, and her ancestor's ability to contact her in dreams.

Shiera has a disturbing vision while she meditates, first seeing a gloomy crater with lattices of blue crystals in its walls, jagged teeth-like spires, and decaying comatose and dead bodies, then an angry purple sky raining over a burned-out estate with the body of a girl wearing a tan-and-yellow lolita-style dress.

After waking, Shiera helps clean an old woman's attic and finds a 4200-year old Cyrodiilic necklace the woman says was her grandmother's wedding present, a blue crystal shard with a note that reads 'Might be more in Druadach Mts, will pay 5000 for more (mind power?)', and a slightly-creepy doll.

The party then goes to the town hall, where Shiera finds her great-great-grandmother's sister's name in Volume 543 of the town records.

Jenna tries to convince the group to stay in the city, and Shiera realises a connection between her vision and Balmoral, trying to convince the group to leave, though Firaliin wants to stay and turns into a gnat to avoid Tinkerbell's attempt to subdue her.

Shiera finds Lora in the market and incapacitates her, returning to the place where the party entered the crater.

Finding nothing but a hairline crack, Shiera casts dispell magic to minimal effect, then smashes one of the blue crystals in the rock face, briefly revealing Balmoral's true state.

Stolovold investigates this phenomenon and touches his mind stone to a crystal, being overwhelmed by a sense of a consciousness housed in the complex lattice.

Shiera flies up to the edge of the crater, away from the influence of Balmoral, and is able to make contact with Knaz, who informs her that one and a half years have passed since the party entered Balmoral and directs the repaired ship to the Wayfarers' location.

303 Rain's Hand 13

Sir Reginald begins smashing more crystals, breaking Balmoral's hold on the group long enough for Firaliin to turn into a roc and carry them to a safer distance while the Starstreak arrives and fires on the crystals in the walls, disrupting their influence.

Knaz notes the ship is low on power, so Shiera suggests harvesting nodes of the crystal to serve as temporary replacements.

Balmoral's occupants are taken aboard the ship and healed, Shiera and Stolovold cooperating to furnish bedding.

The ship flees Balmoral, heading for Evermore in High Rock–150 miles to the south-southwest–arriving at dusk, finding the city burning and being circled in the air by Daedra while many of its residents flee, matching one of Shiera's earlier visions. Shiera wants to attack directly, but Thesa cautions against potentially futile engagements without having better knowledge of the scope of the invasion. The ship lands while the party considers their course of action.

Akara takes Sir Reginald to Blackreach to meet with a human White Mage researching restoring Falmer, and glimpses a construction site in the distance which on brief scouting turns out to be Imperial Soldiers constructing military airships. Apart from seven 'intelligent' restored Falmer, the rest Akara sees in Blackreach have been crucified and had a 'T' carved into their chests. She finds Fauna, also crucified, with the words 'Love you, sis' carved in her chest. She and Sir Reginald build a pyre and immolate the dead bodies.

Some of the Balmorans start complaining and expressing a desire to return, and some of the younger children run amok in the arboretum and bridge.

Shiera leaves the ship and begins directing refugees aboard.

Firaliin and Thesa find the hermit alchemist's shack hidden in a cave in the forested foothills.

Shiera interrogates a refugee, rebutting the negative rumours they'd heard.

Shiera suggests the idea to Knaz of developing a cloaking device for the ship.

Shiera gathers 203 refugees over the course of the night.

303 Rain's Hand 14

Firaliin and Thesa gather flowerfrogs, bringing them to the alchemist (who is revealed to be a drider, much to Firaliin's discomfort) who buys two for 13,000 gold and makes the potion for 500 gold.

The potion is administered to Angelina as a flying Daedra approaches the area, and she metamorphoses into a glowing angel and knocks out the scout, throwing it to the ship's deck. The unconscious Daedra is placed in the ship's brig.

The ship sets course for Ivarstead.

In the morning, Shiera teleports the majority of the refugees and Ernest to Solitude and meets with the High King.

Shiera meets with Tolca, and the High King provides them a private conference room, which they use to consumate their relationship, Shiera taking the lead with primal enthusiasm.

Shiera, Tolca, Theobold, and Ernest teleport back to the ship, which diverts its course for the Karlsen estate in Falkreath, which it reaches at dusk.

Jenna and Theobold request to be teleported to Windhelm the next morning.

An old man tending a garden in the manor's courtyard directs Shiera to the study when she indicates she is there to see Fate. Shiera is reunited with her sister, who appears to be eleven years old. When asked about this, Fate shows a chalkboard covered with complex formulae.

Akara and Sir Reginald rejoin the party as the others enter the manor.

Tinkerbell senses that Fate has divination magic on her person, and pockets of necromantic energy in the study.

Firaliin, registering that everything about the study is wholly un-natural, leaves the room after splashing holy water on Fate, which has no effect.

Stolovold assesses the items in the room for magical properties, focusing on the necromantic items. Fate follows at a respectful distance.

Fate sees Akara behind the group and looks terrified, asking "Who are you?". Stolovold replies with just his first name, and briefly examines a book titled 'Edmund's Fundamentals of Applied Necromantic Priciples or a Treatise on the Nature of Infusing Motive Energies into Deceased Matter'.

The group is offered a meal from the Karlsen clan, and as they gather in the dining hall, Firaliin, Shiera, and Thesa realise some are vampires.

Johann greets Shiera as Fate's sister, welcoming her, and asks blessings of Mara and Stendarr, then provides a bloody meat dish to Thesa whom he addresses as 'honoured wolf-child'. Everyone else eats standard breakfast fare.

Fate asks Shiera about her travels.

Firaliin, creeped out by the twins and bored by the conversation, abruptly leaves to investigate her Falkreath property, passing a mob with pitchforks and torches.

Johann invites everyone after the meal to the lounge to share his youthful travels, which Adrian, Ksenia, and Fate find reasons to avoid. He presents a dry, terrible-slides-of-my-vacation experience, boring everyone present but Thesa and Akara. Shiera becomes invisible and sneaks off to explore, first finding a secret passage, harassing the sleeping gardener, then finding a heavy locked door.

Firaliin finds a poor widow living near her villa, and destroys the woman's hovel and signs over her property's deed. The woman is suspicious of Firaliin's magic use.

Stolovold converses with Fate, learning she is permanently young due to being made a dhampir by the Karlsens saving her life, and she has been studying this effect ever since she has been able. Stolovold notices his father's name in a corner of the chalkboard with a partially-complete formula related to one of Jonathan's projects, below the name Ha'zhar, a mutual acquaintence of Fate and Jonathan at the Mage's College of Winterhold. A blue orb begins flashing along with a chiming sound, indicating Shiera's entry into the heavy door.

Fate rushes down to investigate and sees nothing, as Shiera is invisible, jumping in startlement when she reappears behind her.

Shiera relates their uncle's misdeeds, and Fate explains that she had sent Theobold's ashes with a group found by the uncle after hearing Shiera was rumoured to be in Skyrim.

Stolovold researches the Karlsen family's history.

The party assembles in the dining hall, Johann leaving to attend the matter of the approaching mob.

Reality freezes, and Akatosh appears to give another gift to the party members, a gem embedded in the character's chest with the ability to teleport to the party or the ship once per day ('Dragon's Cave').

Thesa is teleported outside, and before she returns, Fate asks the party about their histories, taking careful notes.

Tink glows purple, and she and the party switch sizes.

A cat grabs Angelina, Sir Reginald, and Thesa and carries them to the end of the hall.

During the party's attempt to reunite, Shiera finds miniscule dwarven spiders, and the party encounters a strange group of objects that seem to be the playthings of the twins.

The party returns to normal size, and are called outside. The mob has attacked, impaled and beheaded Johann, his last words being "Don't hurt them!"

The mob confronts the party, and Tazamé steps forward, freezing time and fighting Akara and attacking Firaliin before releasing the time-stop.

The mob, incited by Stolovold, sets fire to the manor. Fate rushes into the burning structure, followed by Shiera.

Akara incinerates the mob.

Fate sees a document in Fate's belongings titled 'Invasion Records' stamped by the High King of Skyrim with images of Moonglade properties and Akara.

Dwemer metal containers in Fate's laboratory are split open, releasing a gritty mist.

The building begins to collapse, endangering the lives of both the five-year-old daughter of the butler and Fate, only one of which Shiera can save. Shiera saves Fate, who is overcome by amnesia which Shiera heals, and the butler sets fire to himself in grief.

Shiera teleports the surviving inhabitants of the Karlsen manor to the safety of the ship.

Shiera confronts Akara, who freely admits to her involvement in the destruction of the Moonglade kingdom as part of Solitude's campaign of conquest.

Shiera teleports to Solitude to confront the High King–who is not present, so teleports to Windhelm to seek information as to the High King's wherabouts from the Jarl, but learns nothing. She returns to the Starstreak and teleports Theobold and Jenna to Windhelm.

Jenna is reunited with her parents, and as Anna is interrogated concerning having presumed Jenna dead, Shiera reveals Jenna's combat skill.

The Jarl uses this opportunity to test Jenna in an all-out duel, which she succeeds in gaining the upper hand before its conclusion.

A great feast is held to celebrate Jenna's return and her heretofore-hidden prowess.

Akara perceives strange, glowing geometric patterns cascading through the flames and relates this to the group.

Akara, Firaliin, and Sir Reginald extinguish the remaining fire, as a result scattering the debris over two square miles.

303 Rain's Hand 15

Stolovold searches for and reconstructs the fragments of Fate's chalkboard, deciphering its contents as relating to a method of imbuing a near-dead individual with permanent vitality by casting a complex series of carefully-constructed spells in conjunction with alchemical processes. It is unclear why a much simpler direct necromantic or ressurection spell would not be used to achieve a similar effect.

Sir Reginald spies the ghost of a farmer in the distance and destroys it, then turns his attention to a pack of wolves attacking a nearby farm's flock of sheep.

Angelina goes to sleep, overcome by the strain of her metamorphosis and the day's events.

Thesa, before retiring for the night, indicates a desire to return to her hometown to apprise them of her travels and ensure its safety.

Akara confronts Fate, demanding to know what she had done that affected the fire, and Fate explains the details of one of her experiments, Dwemer worker drones vastly miniaturised that function in concert to repair anything in their environment–ideally to better the world by eliminating such plights as death, hunger, disease, et cetera. Significantly, the experiment is unfinished as Fate does not know how to make the automata reach a halting state, leaving them to adapt to new environments and progressively augment everything to an undetermined conclusion.

Akara's shocked and defeated reaction to Fate is seen by Firaliin, who forces Fate to also tell her.

Shiera returns to the ship with Tolca after receiving a sense of foreboding from her ancestors and learns about what's happening.

Sir Reginald slays wolves attacking a flock of sheep, the sheep, then tames the wolf pack's alpha.

303 Rain's Hand 16

In the morning, the group discusses ways to combat the nano plague.

Knaz creates a field that repels dust while trying to design a cloaking device, and augments the ship's shields to banish the nanites from the group and ship.

The party investigates a cavern that opens up near the ship with a magical grove and a lifewater pond that rejuvenates those it touches.

Akara drags the party members underwater, and they de-age.

Firaliin examines an underwater nest, Shiera and Thesa investigate a chamber with a sarcophagus containing a ruby sword that vanishes, and Stolovold examines the lake bed.

The party acquires magical items from the lake bed, then finds an altar beyond the grove of trees that grants each a +4 water damage blessing to one weapon.

The group returns to the ship at noon, and the cavern closes.

Shiera remembers the Solitude Captain of the Guard had requested a meeting and teleports to Solitude.

Shiera encounters a Thalmor agent on arrival, then spends several hours seeking the Captain of the Guard before finally contacting an Imperial legate who has information regarding the meeting–it is disclosed that there is a secret Imperial base in Blackreach assembling a fleet of airships to fight the Daedra.

Shiera scries the location of the High King, who is seated at a table, alone in a dim room, complaining about being made to wait.

Firaliin begins to physically express signs of unease, which Alis tries to ease.

Stolovold discusses the details of the miniature Dwemer spiders with Fate, and Fate indicates concern about the Mages College after her couriers were turned away from Winterhold just for bringing up the subject of the College.

Shiera returns to the ship and the group discusses providing assistance to the Imperials.

The decision is made to have Vlad control the levitation engine for one Imperial airship, and for the group to go to Eshnium.

Shiera recalls a divinatory trance revealing information about the current situation in Falkreath.

Fate suggests Shiera use her reality stone to remove the small Dwemer spiders, which she does, affecting a 5 mile radius.

Shiera recalls going to Solitude and Windhelm before Knaz used the shield modification.

Firaliin uproots Wisteria's friend in a fit of jealousy and throws it off the ship, and Lora replants it after mentioning Firaliin and Heath used to love plants so much.

Fate bitterly supposes it would be better to destroy all remnants of her work after Shiera asks about salvaging anything, as neither remember the miniaturised Dwemer spiders but all of Fate's experiments were destroyed.

As the sun sets, Ksenia is reunited with her owl Hedwig and assures Fate there is yet hope for rebuilding.

As Lora replants the tree, Petra solemnly buries Johann's body beneath it and the surviving Karlsens and Eldea refugees gather to mourn.

Firaliin plants and tends to Wisteria to bond the staff to her, Alis guiding Lora elsewhere to allow the druid privacy for intimacy.

Petra dedicates the rebuiling of the manor to centre around the tree as a symbol of everlasting hope and solidarity and sends people to gather resources.

Shiera and Ksenia engage Fate in a tickle attack.

Shiera goes for Fate's feet, and the girl lets out a shriek so loud that Shiera takes damage and Ksenia turns into a bat in startlement and falls to the ground, stunned.

Shiera picks up Ksenia, not realising it's the vampire transformed, and considers taking her as a new pet. Ksenia objects, asking if Fate has ever had a pet bat before. Shiera inadvertently refers to Tink in response, infuriating the pixie. Fate is overcome by a fit of giggling.

Firaliin and Stolovold rejoin Shiera, Tink, Fate, and Ksenia, the others noticing that Firaliin is...positively glowing.

Some banter ensues, and Shiera asks if Fate or Ksenia had encountered any faeries.

After Fate and Ksenia find a half-burnt book with partial words under 'Faerie Panacea': 'Nirnr', 'Argonian s', and 'glow du', the group and Tink swap sizes again.

Shiera realises she can use her reality stone without expending a charge to restore the manor from the existing rubble and their normal sizes because reality is not being altered in a meaningful way, and does so.

The restored book reads 'Nirnroot, Argonian spirilla, glow dust, and the heart of an innocent child'.

Petra presents Firaliin with a (non-magical) Karlsen signet pin assuring assistance when in need and an extravagant dress in gratitude.

Fate and Petra ask Akara to fetch Theobold's scimitars and Elsa's crown from the ruins of Elderlan.

Shiera takes the heart from the girl that died instead of Fate after the body is blessed by a priest of Standarr and given peace.

The group heads toward the shore of Lake Ilinalta to find the Nirnroot needed for the panacea, and dispatches a colony of blood bats en route (500 XP).

Asking Ksenia about nearby burial sites, Shiera learns of a cairn and heads that direction. The group stumbles upon a hermit in a tent.

The group reaches the cairn and encounters a female ghost, who provides them with glow dust.

The group goes into the crypt and pays respect to the dead (Fate leaves a quill, Ksenia a polished bloodstone, Shiera a dagger, and Firaliin a circle of her hair clippings around five drops of her blood), then Shiera prepares the medicine for Tink and gives it to her.

Stolovold goes to his section of the vault on the ship and links a sapphire to his bag, then goes to meet the others.

After Stolovold meets them, Shiera tries to play some pranks on him, to his unamusement. The group returns to the ship and manor.

303 Rain's Hand 17

In the morning after breakfast and learning some about Atmora's status from Tolca, Shiera interrogates the Daedric scout from the Deadlands in the brig and learns General Berith in charge of northern High Rock invasion.

After Akara returns from Atmora (having used her time-manipulation ability to do so), Fate asks her to present the scimitars and crown to Shiera, who is overwhelmed by emotion at seeing the artifacts.

As Akara leaves, the ship is rocked by a massive explosion centering on the vault, and everyone is knocked unconscious.

The party is overcome by a sensation of utter isolation and vast emptiness while unconscious.

When the party awakens in the midafternoon, they discover most of their posessions and ship's stores are gone, inclu